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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Starting a new program called Greyskull Linear Progression. It will include strength work of squat, deadlift, bench, shoulder press, weighted chinups, and lots of burpees, 2 metcons a week, 20-30min walk in the morning before breakfast (called a fasted walk), grease the groove method pushups and chinups throught the day 6 days a week. All in all a good program for my weakened state me thinks.

Fasted Walk in am
Shoulder Press - 115lb x 2 x 5, max 115lb x 10
Weighted Chinup - 5lb: 6, 8
HBBS: 95x5, 135x5, 155x3, 185x2x5 .. hamstring tightened up so stopped there

Fasted Walk in am
Frequency method (grease the groove method) Pushups 4 sets of 20 and Chinups 4 sets of 6

Deadlift 295x12

Bench 155x2x5, max 155
Weighted Chin 5lb-6, 7.5lb-8
Deadlift 300x12

Fasted Walk in am
frequency chinups 4x7, pushups 4x17

Shoulder Press - 115x2x3, max 115-9, 10th went up but took a step forward so not counting it
Weighted Chinup - 7.5lb - 6, 8
Squat - 185x2x5, max 185-10 ... I'm such a weenus. Don't know why squats have gotten so very weak. Switching from low bar to high bar has some to do with it, I'm weak in the bottom. But still, I've lost 90lb+ on my squat.

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