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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Death by Pushup 7-31-08

Death by Pushup

With a continuously running clock do one pushup the first minute, two pushups the second minute, three pullups the third minute...continuing as long as you are able.  Use as many sets each minute as needed.

15 Rounds plus 10 pushups in the 16th round

That was a total of 130 pushups in 16 minutes.  I kept strict form and put my chest to the ground with each rep.  I really need to get better on pushups so I thought this would be just the ticket.  

Weighted Pull Ups 7-30-08

Weighted Pullups 7-30-08

45lb - 45lb - 50lb - 55lb - 60lb - 65lb - 70lb - 75lb (failed)

Then worked on Pistols.  First time I've ever tried them.  Watched the Pistol video by Adrian Bozman from the April 2008 Crossfit Journal.  I almost got a pistol with each leg with my bodyweight only but wasn't quite able to pull it off.  I did my first pistol with each leg while holding a 10lb plate out in front of me.  Cool!  Holding the weight in front of me helped to counterbalance myself in the squat which made things a little easier. 

Then did some vertical leap practice to determine what my vertical leap is.  Maxed out at 19.5 inches.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Helen 7-29-08


3 Rounds for time of:

400M Run
21 1.5 Pood (45lb) Dumbell Swings
12 Pullups


Somehow this was the first time I've done Helen.  It was tough but I was pleased with my time.  I know I did the 1st round in 2:34, 2nd round somewhere around 3:30 and 3rd round about 4:00.  My goal going into the workout was to get sub 11:30.  I'll take it.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

2000 M Row 7-27-08

2000 M Row


I was trying to beat my cousin Jerrod's time of 7:35.  I set the pace boat at 1:53/500m pace so I'd finish in 7:32.  Lets just say that I was wishing the pace boat had a tow rope attached to it because with 800 M left to go I pooped out.  I had stayed slightly ahead of the nose of the pace boat for that first 1200 M.  But then I ran out of gas and couldn't hold the pace.  I kicked as hard as I could in the final 240 M and actually ended up closer to Jerrod's time then I thought I would.  Ended up at 7:38.7  Soo close, yet sooo very far away.  That destroyed me.  I wanted to do Fran today but didn't have a lot of time and wasn't in the right mental state to do Fran full out.  So I figured a 2000 M row would be better.  It wasn't.  I haven't rowed in waay too long.  That hurt big time.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back Squat and 50 Burpees 7-26-08

Warmup:  50 Jumping Jacks, Snatch WU drills with dowel, 45lb squat x 5, 95lb squat x 5, 145lb squat x 3

Squat 160lbs x 21

Rested 12 min then did:

50 Burpees (touched target 12" above the top of my reach)


I'm going to try to work in heavy 20 rep low back squats into my programming on a regular basis.  I will try and do them once a week.  I'll add 5 lbs every week if possible.  If I'm not able to add 5 lbs and do 20 reps with it, then I'll add the 5lbs and do 12-15 reps and the next week step up the reps until I get to 20 reps and then I'll add 5 lbs the following week.  

I was real excited to squat today.  First time I've had any weight on my back in a squat since getting squatting pointers from Coaches Jeff and Dan at Brand X last week.  The changes to my squat from before: I kept my wrists straight, had the bar nice and low on my back, looked down instead of straight ahead, initiated the movement by dropping my butt back and down first before bending my knees, and used hip drive out of the bottom of the squat. I wouldn't say this felt easy by any means but I think I could have done a couple more reps if I really had to.  Felt it in my low back the most.  I think this is because I'm finally using the right hip drive out of the bottom of the squat.  

My cousin Jerrod did his 50 burpees tonight in 4:14.  Good job!  It really pushed me to work as hard as possible during the entire workout to try and beat him, but I came up just a hair short.  Man that was a full out sprint.  

Friday, July 25, 2008

Push Jerk and Sledgehammer/K2E's 7-25-08

Went to the Oakland Police Department Academy Graduation to see a buddy of mine graduate.  He graduated Valedictorian of his class and at 21 years old he is the youngest Valedictorian in Oakland Police Department history!  Go Andrew!  You are a stud!  He hits the streets on Tuesday for his first day on patrol.  On the other end of the spectrum was a classmate of Andrew's who is 45 years old and retired from the Army where he was a drill instructor.  He decided he was too bored and so he started his second career by joining OPD.  WOW.  Both men were a good reminder to me to stay fresh and never let complacency take hold in your life.  Always strive for excellence and strive to continue learning.  On to the workout...

Push Jerk 5 sets of 3






After a 10 min break I did:

63 - 45 - 27 
Sledgehammer Strikes - 10lb Sledge hitting a large tire hard (don't cheat yourself by swinging easy and slacking/resting).  Use full ROM overhead swings, switching every 10 strikes to other hand as the dominant hand (hand on top).
21 - 15 - 9
Knees to Elbows

I did this in the style of Fran where I did 63 sledge strikes followed with 21 K2E's followed by 45 Sledge strikes and 15 K2E's etc, etc.

Finished in 8:33

I was pleased with my Push Jerk numbers today.  Compare it with last week on the 19th at Brand X when I worked out with Jeff Martin, Big Dan and Large Lefty where I did 5 reps with 115, 5 reps with 115, 5 reps with 135, 3 reps with 135, 3 reps with 135.  So this time I put up 15lbs more on my last set.  It was awkward doing them at Brand X but it started to click today.  I wasn't dropping under the bar well at Brand X.  I watched the video on push jerks on the mainsite and it made sense.  I think I may have been able to hit 155, but I'm happy with 150 for today.  Next time I do this I should definitely get more then 150.  Progress with form and progress with putting weight over my head equals a happy Crossfitter.

I broke the K2E's up as 9 - 7 - 5 the first round then 7 - 3 - 5 the second round and 5 - 4 the third round.  All Sledgehammer strikes were unbroken.  I stole the Sledgehammer and K2E's workout from a private session that TMoney did with Jeff Martin at Brand X the other day.  Not only tough on the abs but this was a real forearm burner.  I like that it seem to address 3 areas in one workout:  metcon, abs, and grip strength.  

Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Mountain Molly" 7-23-08

I went 4wheeling through the Rubicon and Fordyce Creek Trails over the past 3 days.  Before we get to the workout a little photo interlude of the trip for your viewing pleasure:

On Wednesday night I came up with this little concoction I called "Mountain Molly"...

3 rounds for time of:

Squat Clean Jerk and Throw 60-70 lb rock 50 ft
60 Meter hill run
10 Pullups
12 Squat Jumps


And a picture that actually has something to do with CrossFit.  Here I am doing my pullups.

The Squat Clean Jerk and Throws were the hardest part.  Tough to keep good form while huffin and puffin at about 6500 feet elevation.  I really enjoyed creating an austere workout while camping.  Good fun.  There should be no excuse for why you don't workout.  Having "no equipment" certainly isn't one of them.  Go get some!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pack Grace 7-22-08

Pack version of old school Grace (30 power cleans and push press) with 95lbs


Didn't have much time today so I squeezed this one in before I go on the Rubicon (4wheeling and camping) for 3 days.  Concentrated on having good form throughout the whole workout.

Monday, July 21, 2008

200 Air Squats 7-20-08

I'm still on vacation, without equipment at a friend's house in Long Beach.  So I stole a workout from Eva T's blog.

200 Air Squats for time...


This was not easy.  I did the first 50 unbroken.  Then pounded them out roughly 15 at a time.  Took a short break at 100.  Then roughly 15 at a time again.  When I hit 170 I decided to try and do the last 30 unbroken.  Thats where it got real interesting.  I was able to make it to 200 without breaking that last set but my legs were screaming.  Afterwards my legs felt like bowls of wiggly jell-o.  A major lactic acid dump.  Yaowza!  So I tried doing a little cool down and some stretching.  Hopefully that will help.  

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Brand X WORKOUT # 2!! 7-19-08

I was lucky enough to sneak back to Brand X this morning while my wife slept in.  Had the opportunity to workout with Coaches Jeff Martin, Dan Strametz, and Large Lefty.  Started out with Push Press...

1st set 115# of 5

2nd set 115# of 5

3rd set 135# of 5

4th set 135# of 3

5th set 135# of 3

When working out with coaches like this your form better be perfect, and mine is far from it.  But thats exactly one of the many reasons why I love working out there so much.  It pushes you that much closer towards excellence.  I was leaning back during the press, wasn't taking a good deep breath to fill my diaphragm, was holding the bar off my shoulders a bit when I was coming out of the bottom of the dip which meant I wasn't able to properly transfer the power from my legs/hips into the press, wasn't exploding enough, and wasn't under the bar well when my arms were at full extension.  In short, my push press was ugly, and they cleaned it up for me. Still not pretty, but better.  

After that we did a metcon workout.

3 rounds of:

3 Rope climbs
15 Hang Power Snatch 75# (they used 95#)
10 40" tire jumps

Finished in 10:21

This was my first time doing any rope climb and my form was horrendous.  This is definitely one where if you don't have the mechanics down it makes it much, much harder then it should be.  My forearms got a wonderful burn to them and I got a sexy little rope burn on my leg.  But it was still fun.  Even with scaling it down I came in last.  Oh well, I was just glad to be joining these firebreathers in a workout. After the workout I got to pick Jeff's brain a little bit more and that concluded my Brand X experience.  Very good times.  

If you ever have the opportunity to go to Brand X (or any quality affiliate for that matter) or even if you don't have an opportunity you really should create one, and keep stopping by in a consistent manner.  I can see there will be a huge benefit to me supplementing my garage gym workouts with a trip to a local affiliate every now and then to touch up my form.  Thanks Coaches Jeff and Dan especially for welcoming me to Brand X and making my few workouts there so very enjoyable.  

Friday, July 18, 2008


Well I had an unforgettable day.  It was my first time working out at a Crossfit Affiliate.  And none other then Brand X!  I got there in the early afternoon and had the entire place to myself as I worked out with Coah Jeff Martin.  How cool is that?  He's a great guy, truly a monster CrossFiter, and an absolutely top notch coach!  I did the pack version WOD of:

AMRAP in 20 min of

15 pushups
12 bar dips
95# Push Press, 9 reps

I did 7 Push Presses shy of 5 rounds.  This WOD addressed a couple of my weaknesses: Dips and Presses.  So much for trying to do an Rx'd WOD with Jeff.  My goal is now that the next time I visit Brand X it will be doing the WOD as Rx'd, no matter what it is.  I'm not sure when the next time I'll be down in this area, but probably not for a while, so I'm hoping this will be an achievable goal.   

But wait...there's more.  After the WOD, Jeff coached me on some squat technique.  I got to work with him on my air squat, back squat, front squat and overhead squat.  I got some great feedback and after a few adjustments my squats were looking good.  I'm stoked!  I now feel confident that my squat numbers will improve and improve with correct form.  The motion feels tighter and more powerful.  I'm looking forward to putting some real weight on the bar and trying out my new technique.  I'll be sure to give an update when that happens.  Jeff then put me through a more skill based, scaled down WOD, to practice the squat technique.

3 rounds with 95#:

3 Overhead Squat
6 Front Squat
9 Back Squat
12 40" tire jumps

Normally Jeff said he does this as 5 rounds for time.  That would have been an absolute killer.  Luckily he scaled it down to 3 rounds for me and gave me as much time as I needed in between rounds.  I rested about 10 min in between rounds.  I really liked this one.  I've never done a big tire jump like that before.  Now it looks like I need to get another big tire so I can add them into my home gym arsenal.  

I also got to meet a bunch of other Brand X'ers because I hung around for a while that evening.  I met Coach Dan Strametz (Big D from the Brand X forum), Mikki Marten, Keegan Martin, Travis Martin, Debbie Rakos (thanks for the Brand X shirts!), Laura Rucker, Cyndi Rodi (Go Irish), Marla Singer, and TMoney to name a few.  

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that I had a great time and man I wish Brand X was in my neck of the woods.  I'd be going there for certain!  Awesome facility, great community, outstanding coaching..... what more could you ask for?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Lunges, GHD Sit-Ups/Extensions, Muscle-Ups 7-14-08

Complete as many rounds in 30 minutes as you can of:

Walking Lunge, 12 steps
15 Glute-Ham Sit-Ups
15 Hip Extensions
5 Muscle-Ups (Jumping)

12 rounds and 5 Lunges

I was happy to complete this with the Big Dawg time today.  I had to sub jumping muscle ups for standard muscle ups.  I did the Glut-Ham Sit-Ups and Hip Extensions on my huge tire by putting my feet on the inside on one side and hanging off the other side.  I wasn't able to go quite as far down as if I was doing them on a Glute Ham Developer as the tire is only 2 feet tall, but it was very tough nonetheless.  I really had to pour it on in the last two rounds in order to complete Round 12.  Luckily my brother Jake encouraged me by saying "Come on, just like Rocky".  I then pictured Rocky Balboa doing those situps in the barn in the middle of a frigid Russian winter and eye of the tiger started playing in my head.  That was just enough to pull me out of the fog of CrossFit induced death and push me onwards at a faster pace.

Bear Complex 7-13-08

Bear Complex WOD or "The Bear"

5 Rounds, 7 Reps per round 

Each rep consists of the sequenc of:

Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press = 1 Rep

Round 1 - 95lbs
Round 2 - 105lbs
Round 3 - 115lbs

Watch this    VIDEO   for further instruction on this workout.

Unfortunately I ran out of time and was only able to complete 3 out of the 5 rounds.  My brother and a buddy who graduates in two weeks from Oakland PD's Academy came over to workout.  I went last and ran out of time before I had to get ready for work.  

This WOD is a lot tougher then it looks.  You aren't supposed to rest the weight on the ground at all during a round.  Rest as needed in between rounds.  This means your grip really gets taxed and it really tires you out in general.  I had planned on working up to 135lbs by the 5th Round, but that wouldn't have been doable, I would have stuck with 115lbs and it would have really kicked my but.  I was working pretty hard on round 3 with 115lbs.  Had to split jerk the weight instead of push press.  Silly me...I should have known that a CrossFit WOD with a name like "Bear" would be brute of a workout.  

Friday, July 11, 2008

Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push Jerk 7-11-08

Shoulder Press  1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 reps
Push Press  3 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 reps
Push Jerk 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 reps

SP - 95, 100, 105, 110, 115
PP - 95, 100, 105, 110, 115
PJ - 100, 105, 110, 115, 120

I didn't do this when it came up a week and half ago.  So I worked it in now.  I would have done Angie, but I didn't want to risk ripping up my hands.  I want to be in top form when I hit Brand X next week.  Thats right, I'm going to visit Brand X at least once when I'm down in San Diego on vacation with the wifey.  Yahooo!  Can't wait.  It'll be the first time I've worked out at an affiliate.  I'm excited.  I'm also excited to meet some of the people that I've gotten to know through the Brand X forum.  Hopefully I'll also get my butt adequately kicked by Jeff Martin.

Jumprope and Throws 7-10-08

Crossfit called for a 10k run.  No thanks.  But I wanted to do some type of metcon workout.  So Dan and I created one.

8 rounds for time of:

With a 25lb plate, do a thruster and at the top of the thruster, throw the weight as far forward as possible (like wall ball, but throw it forward instead of up).  Throw it 100 ft 
100 Jump rope


Dan did it in 21:16.  He's a bit newer to jumprope so it really slowed him down.  This was a decent metcon workout and had us huffing and puffing by the end.  

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Crossfit Total 7-10-08

My buddy Dan before the workout:

Dan eyeballing 400lbs

Dan Deadlifting 400lbs!  Now thats a big load.  4 bills!  Strong work buddy!  You are a monster.

Dan attempting 265.  He didn't quiet get it because he had just tried and failed 275 twice.  He got a little too hungry.  So his current PR is 255 which is conservative.  He'll destroy it next time he squats for a single rep max.

Crossfit Total

Deadlift: 255 x 2, 285 x 1, 305 x 1, 325 x 1, 345 x 1, 365 x 1 --->  New PR!

Press:  110 x 1, 115 x 1, 120 (failed)

Squat:  205 x 1, 225 x 1, 240 x 1 --->  New PR!

Total of 720

Me Deadlifting 365.  PR!

Me squatting 240.  PR!

I didn't follow the rules when deadlifting.  I just went for my max for each lift and didn't restrict myself to only three attempts.  Oh well.
Compare to 4-11-08  with a total of 620.  Thats an increase by 100 since last time!  I'm stoked with my improvement overall.  Especially in the deadlift as I've increased 60lbs since my last PR which was 2 months ago.  I need to be careful when maxing out on deadlift because on 365 I had real bad form and rounded my back.  I gutted it out and pulled the weight, but elected to not go any higher cause my form got scary bad on that last rep.

Most importantly I've reached one of my biggest goals A LOT earlier then I thought I would.  My goal was to hit 350 on the deadlift by February which will mark my one year of doing crossfit.  I got it in half that time!  I couldn't be happier!  Now comes the hunt for 400lbs which seems very doable.  I'm wondering if 450 by February will be realistic.  We shall have to see...  

Now my squat and especially my press numbers are a completely different story.  My press numbers need some serious work.  I don't know what gives.  I've only improved 5lbs in the last three months (on my first CFT).  I think part of the problem is I almost always do a push press or a jerk when pressing weight over my head.  This doesn't help develop the strength as well where its really needed...down at the bottom of the lift from the start point to the top of your head.  I really need to work them into my programming more.  Hopefully the Crossfit mainsite WOD programming agrees with that and I see more of them in the near future.  

But overall I'm quite pleased.  Solid improvement on the big lifts and my metcon and work capacity continues to get better too.  Thanks CrossFit!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Snatch 7-7-08

Snatch 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1  with 95lbs

I'm no good at snatching.  I only was able to make 3 reps with 95lbs.  On the 4rth rep I pulled the weight too far back behind my head and started to loose my balance, falling backwards on the way down towards the bottom of the squat.  In an attempt to recover and pull the weight back forwards over my head I tweaked my left shoulder at the anterior deltoid.  I should have let the bar go and let it fall behind me.  Instead I pulled it forward and jumped backwards out of the way so the bar dropped in front of me.  It doesnt hurt too bad but I decided I should stop and not stress it anymore.  I had almost run out of time to workout so real quick I did 3 sets of 5 reps of 150lb front squat. 

On a good note my brother Jake did his first ever full squat clean and jerks today in the 30 clean and jerks for time workout.  He used 65lbs and finished in 13:29.  Good job bro!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Grace 7-6-08

Grace (with Squat Cleans and Split Jerks)

30 Squat Clean and Split Jerk 135lbs for time of:


These need to be full squat clean and jerks where the hip goes below the knees.  I had no problem with that as every time I sunk very low when in the bottom of the squat and my hips were well below my knees.  This was my first time doing full squat clean and jerks with any kind of weight.  Really enjoyed them.  Went a little slower then I probably otherwise could of cause it was real hard not to get sloppy with my form with heavy weight.  Sloppy form and heavy weights in Olympics Lifting do not mix.  I was stoked to do the porch workout this time.  If I hadn't talked to my cousin Jerrod just before working out I would have done the pack workout with 115lbs.  I'm hoping I didn't make the workout too slow and sluggish and stayed within a reasonable time limit, and stayed within the intent of the workout.  Some workouts are definitely more metcon based and a lighter weight should be used so they don't take 20 min.  For this one though I wanted to get some heavy weight above my head and work hard on one of the best lifts on earth.  Either way it was a tough workout that I enjoyed.

Crossfit Games WOD 7-5-08

I scaled one of the CrossFit Games workouts back slightly.

5 Rounds for time of

255lb Deadlifts 5 reps
10 Burpees


And the result...a beautiful CrossFit angel only Pukey could love:

Even Tilda looked whooped:

I really wanted to do this WOD as Rx'd.  As Rx'd was 275lbs for the Deadlift.  Last time I maxed (2 months ago on 5-5-08) I was at 305 lbs for my PR.  So 275 would have been 90% of my max 25 times and I'd be out of breath from the burpees.  Too tough for this cop.  A tougher man then me once said that a man has to know his limitations.  So I scaled it back to 255lbs which is 83% of my max.  Still a lot of work.  Those deadlifts were super tough, and I know I made the right decision to scale it back.  What a good workout.  I really enjoyed this one.  Really paid close attention to my form on the deadlifts cause I didn't want to get sloppy and round my back at all.  I was able to keep good form and kept strict form for all the exercises performed and was watched/judged closely by my brother Jake.  He held me to the strict crossfit games standards.  Great workout.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Death by Pullup 7-3-08

I guess I didn't die after this workout after all.  Here is proof...

One of my workout partners:  Tilda

With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, three pull-ups the third minute... continuing as long as you are able.  Use as many sets each minute as needed.

14 Rounds = 105 pull-ups in 13:57
Ripped a blister off in round 12.  That always feels lovely.  For some reason my kipping was very ugly until about round 9 where I finally got into a groove.

Then did some Over Head Squats after a rest.  Did a warmup of 5 reps at 45lbs, 65lbs, 95lbs and then did 15 Over Head Squats (broken 5,10,14,15)

Here is my other workout partner, my buddy Dan on the Over Head Squats.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


5 Rounds for time of:

95 lbx Deadlift, 15 Reps
95 lbx Hang Power Clean, 12 Reps
95 lbs Front Squat, 9 Reps
95 lbs Push Jerk, 6 Reps


The Pack version on this is with 65lbs, but that seemed too easy.  The porch version was 135lbs for 3 rounds, that seemed too hard.  So I chose 95lbs for 5 rounds.  It was definitely tough at this weight.  The Hang Power Cleans were the hardest for me and my form was a bit on the ugly side.

Most importantly though is that tonight's workout was a monumental occasion.  My work now has its very own Crossfit only Gym.  It was the first time I worked out at the brand spanking new SJPD Crossfit gym.  Woohoo!  See the photo from the Certification seminar held at the SJPD gym on 6-26-08 on  Now I'm wishing I lived closer to work instead of 40 min away.  Now under my critical eye the gym could have a few more things to complete it such as a rope climb, 2 1/2lb plates and more plates in general, a tire or 3, etc, but its far from half bad and I sure can't complain one bit!  2 buddies and I carpooled to the gym and 4 other guys met us there.  It was a fun environment to work out in.  After the workout we played around with a few gymnastic things and I did 4 ring muscle ups (spread apart) and later busted out 4 total of my first ever muscle ups on a bar.  Something just clicked with my form making them more doable.  Very cool.  Its definitely a big motivator to have your buddies yelling encouragement (or insults), with their times on the board for you to try and chase down.  Much better then working out alone which I have been doing a little more then half of the time.  I know now that those mats will be soaking up plenty of my sweat over the years!  

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fight Gone Bad = Punishment 7-1-08

Fight Gone Bad

3 rounds:

Wall-ball:  27, 19, 12
Sumo Deadlift High-Pull, 75lbs:  26, 16, 12
Box Jump, 20" Box:  30, 17, 14
Push-Press, 75lbs:  20, 14, 14
Row (Calories):  15, 11, 13

For a total of 259

In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute.  The clock does not reset or stop between exercises.  This is a five minute round from which a one minute break is allowed before repeating.  On call of "rotate", the athletes must move to the next station immediately for the best score possible.  One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point.

Well I haven't worked out in a week.  Thats the longest stretch of time without working out that I've gone since starting Crossfit at the end of January this year.  Not good.  Just plain lazy.  Now I will say I was sick on Friday.  I was feeling mostly better on Saturday so I attempted a Deadlift workout.  On the 5th rep I had a near spectacular blowout of my sphincter gasket which would have resulted in a slobbering droops (aka diarrhea) dump in my knickers.  Boy would that have been ugly.  I wisely decided to stop my workout there.  I mean meeting pukey is one thing, but having a dance with the Diarrhea Devil in the pale moonlight is a whole nother story.  Count me out.  Which brought me to a full week's time without working out.  Shame on me.  So I decided to punish myself.  How about a lil Fight Gone Bad for punishment?  Me thinks that should suffice.  Especially since this was the first time I've done it as Rx'd.  The last time I did Fight Gone bad was on 4-8-08, I scaled down to 65lbs on the SDHP and the Push-Press, I paced myself to try and stay around 20 or a little higher on each exercise, every round, and I did not keep a continuously running clock.  All of that to say it was much easier then this time and I got a total score of 365.  

This time I did it as Rx'd and let it all hang out.  Which means I blew my wad the first round and the last two rounds were me just quivering in unoxygenated pain with my mind in survival mode.  I'm just glad I didn't meet Pukey, but I was thinking about him numerous times throughout the second and third rounds.  Now I don't know if taking the week off and having just been sick effected my performance today, but I don't think so.  I think Fight Gone Bad is just that ugly of a dark, pain giving mistress.  I have been properly spanked.  Spanked but good.  Hopefully this will be a lesson to myself.  No consistency = Bad CrossFiter.    Bad Crossfiter = Punishment.  Punishment = PAIN.