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Friday, October 3, 2008


If you don't know what GOMAD stands for...YOU SHOULD!

GOMAD = Gallon Of Milk A Day

Its one of the foundations of this program. Not that its for everyone who is doing SS. Not that its for everyone who are doing other programs. Not that its a healthy diet for the rest of your life type of thing. Its for a short season in time. To make you big.

Milk grows baby mammals and makes them big. Real simple. Bears, bulls, tigers....all go from cute and cuddley little guys to big bulky beasts on milk (and a bit of meat doesn't hurt them either). I don't know about you, but I pretty much fall into the baby mammal category. I'm still a novice lifter, maybe an advance novice, but a novice nonetheless. So I will benefit from a program like SS. SS was specifically designed for novices. Its not for the intermediate or advance lifter. They need more complex training programming.

This baby mammal does not. He needs to pick heavy things up, put it on his back and squat it. He needs to pick heavy things off the floor and lift them. He needs to add weight every single workout. And he needs to drink a truckload of milk while eating enough to feed a platoon of starving marines. Plain and simple, right?

It just depends on what your goals are. If you aren't trying to gain mass and get big, then GOMAD is not for you. But a word to the wise...if you are trying to get as stong as possible then you will need to get bigger too. Big muscles move big weight. Small muscles do not. Milk is a key component to growing those muscles. So go out and do your muscles a favor and drown yourself in some milk.


TexasPatrick said...

I wish I had known about this in high school . . .

Instead I drank that "gain weight" powder . . . till I realized that you were supposed to drink like 8 quarts of the stuff a day . . . so I should have just switched to milk . . . though my mom would have loved me busting down $100 worth of milk every month. Ha!

Dan said...

That's a lot of milk. How are you doing that at work?

Dan said...

And I LOVE milk, I just recall the last time that I drank a gallon of milk as a dare as a freshman in high school.

I drank it it one sitting and yacked it all up.

So can we still be friends?

JAK said...

TP, There is nothing like mother nature's natural weight gain...Milk!

I bought a 1/2 gallon thermos. I drink 1/4 gallon before work, the 1/2 gallon at work, and 1/4 gallon after work. Really isn't that bad at all.

We are now even better friends then before because you tried such an awesome thing as drinking a gallon of milk at once. Mad props to you my friend.

JAK said...
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