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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shoulder tweak, Clean Rack Support 1-20-10 FS, metcon 1-21-10


Tweaked my left anterior deltoid last night. Same injury that hit me at the beginning of last year. I don't think its too bad and hopefully it won't slow me down much. Unfortunately I think it may stop me from competing in my first ever OL meet which is coming up in 9 days. Doh! Some buddies from work came over to workout and so I dorked around with them and did Clean Rack Supports - 3 sets of 415lbs for 10 seconds.


Front Squat - 207/1, 227/1, 247/1, 267/1 (PR), 247/3 (PR)

Lifted at work with an odd sized bar that weighs 37lbs .. weird.

Got coached by Jason Highbarger a Coach at Crossfit North Santa Cruz. He was mentored by Coach Glassman himself and has been coaching for 10 years. Good stuff! I was happy that he didn't have any cues for my FS, must be doing something right. He cooked up this wod for me:

20 FS 115lb
40 Abmat situps
Run 200m
15 FS 115lb
30 Abmat situps
Run 200m
10 FS
20 situps
Run 200m
5 FS
10 situps
Run 200m


Wheels came off during the second run. I don't think you can call what happened after that running. Quads are trashed.

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