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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Deadlift and Pullups/Dips/Situps 3-11-09


215 x 21 (PR)

AMRAP 20min:

5 Pullups
5 Dips
15 Situps (abmat, frog style)

11 Rounds

Pullups and Situps unbroken.  Dips turned into singles in the last 4 rounds.  Had a failure in the 7th round.  Yikes.  Definitely feel that I've gotten weaker in the last 6 weeks.

Wow did it feel good to be back into CFSB and doing a WOD with upperbody work.  And I was even able to pull out a PR!  Its the first workout in a week (got a nasty virus) and first time in 6 weeks I've done any type of pushing movement with my arms.  My left shoulder held up fine on the dips, didn't hurt at all.  The dips were definitely the weak link and I could tell I was weaker on them, but thats ok....I'm back!  

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