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Friday, September 5, 2008

1 Mile SandBag Carry 9-4-08

Carried a 100lb Sandbag for 1 Mile.


My goal was to do it under 15:00 min and I hit it.  The long term goal is to carry my bodyweight for 1 mile under 15:00 min.  That'll really take some work, because this was tough.  Surprisingly enough this really taxed my grip strength while holding onto the bag as it sat on my shoulders.  It was also very tiring on the traps, shoulder girdle and neck.  

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JR said...

that's tough work...your brother and I once carried a "fur bag" (otherwise known as Molly the Golden Retriever)for a mile and a half when she got overheated on the bike trail a few years ago. it was really tough. Keep up the good work!