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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Box Squat, Platform Deadlift 12-4-10

Box Squat doubles - 135, 155, 175, 205, 225 - all done with average and mini bands (according to elitefts ( that'd be ~165lb at top and 130 at bottom. But that would make the final set a double with 390lb at the top and 345 on the box. Seems quite high to me.

Deadlift on 2" platform - 225x5, 295x5, 345x5 stooped there but probably should have gone heavier but this was pretty tough. 405x5 is my standard dead PR. Any idea percentage-wise how deadlifts on a platform compare to a standard dead? When I fail on a max effort dead it's always within the first 6".

For the band set up I put 190lb worth of kettle bells on the base of the squat stands so they wouldn't get pulled forward by the bands. I choked the bands around a 95lb dumbell and then had to weigh them down more so a 35lb kb went on top of that so the dumbell wouldn't budge. Not the best set up ever but it worked. My squat rack isn't deep enough to box squat inside of. I'm thinking about building my own custom squat rack. Would be a fun project to put my welding skills to use. Its been a while, but I enjoy fabricating. It would also save me a few hundred.

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