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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

CFT 12-28-10

Something like 6 months ago my buddy and I challenged each other to a year's end CFT.  Winner gets a steak dinner and a westside barbell t-shirt. 

Me-Squat:340 +5lb pr, 350 + 15lb pr if deemed legit but the depth is questionable and needs video review.   
 355 fail - those first two were ugly as sin!!  I'm ashamed of myself. 
Press: 160, 165f too much lean-back?,165f
Dead: 430, 455pr, 465 +15lbpr

Total of 980, or 975, or 965 depending on how the squat and press are scored. 

The vid:

Anyone care to comment on the depth of squat #2 and the lean back of press #2?  Please be familiar with CFT standards  I need an uninvolved third party trainer to make the final call.  They are too close for me to do so objectively.

Dan-Squat: 345f,345,355f
Press-165f,165 need video review, 165f
Deadlift- 455, 475f, then ran out of time so had to leave.  

Total 965 or 975 depending on how the first squat and second press are scored. 

Compare to a CFT of 902.5 in April.

So I might of kinda won but I'm not accepting the prize because he didn't get his third attempt of dead in.  Bottom line is we had lots of fun and this will be either a bi-annual or annual CFT. 

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