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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Angie 4-24-08

For time:

100 pullups
100 jackknives
100 squats (bodyweight only air squats)
100 pushups

in 26 min 10 sec.

This was the first time I did Angie as Rx'd.  I wasn't sure how it would go, because 100 pullups is pretty intimidating.  But I was pleased with the results.

The breakdown is on top.  The results of how Angie destroyed my hands is below that.  Good times.


Jerrod said...

you beat me...but I don't have any blisters. does that count for anything? good job.

Jake Kalsbeek said...

If anything I think if you get blisters some time should be added to the overall time. 20 seconds for each blister. Anyone can break a blister but only a real man has hands so tough that he won't get blisters.

JAK said...

Yeah right. A real man tears off his calluses and continues on with the workout. One day you too will learn this universal truth.