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Friday, November 20, 2009

CSA 11-19-09

Snatch High Pull + Snatch - 40/2, 40/2, 50/2 x 6
Power Clean and Power Jerk - 60/3, 70/2, 75/2, 80/2, 85/1, 90/1 PR for Power Jerk
Back Squat - 70/3, 90/2, 110/1, 120/1, 125/1 PR, 115/1, 115/1
Jerk off Blocks - 85/3, 95/2, 95/2, 105/m, 100/1, 102.5/m, 102.5/1 PR

3 PRs. I'm a happy man. First time I've gone for a heavy single on a back squat while at CSA. Up to this point its been all front squats and when back squatting its been speed work on the tendo machine, or strength work for sets of 5. I was stoked with my 14 kg (31lbs) PR. That puts me at only 5 kg away from my previous best low bar back squat PR of 285lbs. It'll be fun to finally catch up with that and start squatting heavier then ever before. Now if I had continued doing low bar back squats I'm sure I'd be up around 300lbs right now. But I'll get there soon enough with the high bar back squat and its better for the olympic lifts (in my opinion).

Donnie was surprised with my 198lb Power Jerk. He figured I'd max out at 80. With a 90kg power jerk he said I should have a 110kg split jerk instead of 100kg. So something is off that is keeping me from the numbers I should be hitting in the split jerk. I've got some form issues to iron out or some weakness in that position to improve upon. Not sure what it is just yet. It could be based upon the large amounts of power jerks done in crossfit causing me to be stronger in that position then the average lifter who rarely works it.

Took a fight to make the jerk PR. I mean it was a grind. Rode that puppy super low, but managed to keep the arms locked out and got it done. 225lbs overhead is a good way to end a workout. Especially when clean and jerking 225 is my goal for the year. Should be happening in the next week or two.

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