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Thursday, November 26, 2009

CSA 11-25-09

Alex Honnold Half Dome Free Solo from Joshua Wagner on Vimeo.

Snatch High Pull + Snatch - 40/2, 40/2, 50/2 x 5, 55/1, 60/1, 65/1, 70/1, 75/m x 3
Clean + 2 Jerk - 40/1, 50/1, 60/1, 70/1, 80/1, 85/1, 90/1, 95/m the jerk
Back Squat - 100/5, 100/5, 100/5, 100/5, 100/5 (5x5 PR)

Snatch - First time I've snatched 70 in exactly a month. It went up quick, and like just about all successful snatches it felt easy and good. I think the keys to making that lift was being more aggressive at the end of my pull, being quicker under the bar, and snapping my hands up explosively. Glad I hit it, but tired of being stuck here. I've got some form issues that I need to iron out.
Back Squat - that was 80% of my max 5x5. Uoof. I don't know if I wasn't expecting to work when I came into the gym or what, but that was tough. Certainly doable, but the first set was harder then it should of been because mentally I wasn't ready. I also think a couple of my first set squats may have been shallow.

Now its time to load up on a lot of delicious calories today and tomorrow (2 thanksgivings, woot!) and go into my Saturday lifting session 2 kilos heavier. Yeehaww! Happy Gobbler day!

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