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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Squat 11-29-09 and 11-30-09

After a conversation with Jon North who is ranked #5 in the 94kg class in the USA, it became apparent that I need to be squatting more. The elite team at CSA lift 6 days a week. Squatting 1 or 2 times a day. He was fully confident that I'd be able to handle that kind of volume and more if I had the time/discipline to do it. Stepping up my squatting game to 5 days a week may now be necessary. My only concern is the tolls of shift work and lack of sleep and how that may play into it. We shall see. Today took all of 20 minutes including warmup. Nice to get back into my garage and lift there again.

Back Squat - 95lbs/5, 155/2, 185/1, 205/1, 225/1, 255/1, 265/1, 280lbs/1 PR

300lbs should be here soon. So a PR Front Squat yesterday and Back Squat today. Might be something to this squatting 5 days a week thing.


Back Squat - 95lbs/3, 155/3, 185/1, 205/1, 225/1, 255/1, 265/1, 285lbs/1 PR

That matches my best ever low bar back squat! 3 days and 3 squat PR's. Not bad. Been sleeping good, eating tons and lifting heavy. Loving it.

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