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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

CSA 11-4-09

2008 Bejing Gold medalist @ 105 kg - with an Olympic and World Record total of 436kg
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Snatch High Pull, Snatch - 30/1, 40/1, 50/1, 55/1, 60/1, 60/1, 60/1, 60/1, 60/1
Clean and Jerk - 30/1, 40/1, 50/2, 50/2, 60/1, 70/1, 80/1, 90/1
Front Squat - 80/3, 90/2, 100/1, 102.5/1, 112.5/1 (PR +2.5kg), 100/3 (PR)
Jerk from Blocks - 75/3, 75/3, 75/3, 75/3
Sled Drag 50kg x 2
Back Extensions - 2 x 10

On the snatches stayed at a lower weight and goal was to have zero misses. Missed twice with 60 on 2nd and 2nd to last attempts. Immediately redid them and made the lifts.

Donny just wanted me to C&J to 90. No misses. Which ended leaving my legs fresh for a Front Squat PR of 112.5 kg or 248lbs. And then a PR on the triple of 100 kg or 220lbs. My legs felt strong and I had a little more left in them but Donnie called it there. He said with a triple at 100 on the front squat I can be confident that I'll be able to clean 100 on Saturday no problem when I go for a PR C&J. Interesting because I was tired after a long night of work ridden with overtime. I almost didn't train today and didn't think I'd have much in me. I hadn't planned on going for a PR but Donnie told me to try. The outside voice of a coach is so important. Its not always best to listen to our bodies but rather the voice of an experienced guide.

Jerks went up pretty well with no misses. Need to have quicker feet.

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