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Monday, May 3, 2010

Boxing 5-2-10 Squat, Jerk 5-3-10


30 min of boxing. Jump rope. Heavy bag. Lots of focus mitt work.

Qualifies as a metcon methinks.


Squat - 220/5, 250/3, Max 280/5 (+ 4 rep PR)
Jerk - 185/2, 205/2, 225/f2, 245/f

On the 5th rep Josh was spotting me and my left elbow hit his knee at the bottom of the lift, causing me to fail. I was feeling good for that rep and maybe one more. I re-racked the bar, did one more and then failed on the 6th rep. Mentally it screwed with me, but I would have only gotten 5 maybe 6 anyways.

The jerks felt heavy today. Haven't failed at 225 in a long time.

Thats all she wrote today.

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