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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Bench - 135x5, 165x4, 185x3, 205, 220x3 (PR) f on 4th
Weighted Dip - 25x5, 45x5, 60x3 (PR), 4th was shallow, f on 5th

AMRAP in 3 min:

1 Sandbag Clean 90lb + 1 burpee = 1 rep


Should have made that 5 min. But I'm a metcon retard for now.

Made a 90lb and 165lb sandbag today. Used a seabag and a combo of sand and mulch to fill out the rest of the bag. Should be fun to do some strongman type metcons with those puppies. Farted around with the 165lb bag and that is a brute. It'll be good for shelving it for reps like an atlas stone and doing shuttle runs. Thats about it for now. Tried to clean it but that was rough. A little more practice and I think I'll be able to clean it. Tried to put it overhead from on top of one shoulder and that wasn't happening.

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