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Friday, January 14, 2011

Strength Shop Cycle 1-14-11

1.Push Press - 135x5, 155x5, 185x5, 205x5(pr)
2.Muscle Ups 3 x 3 - crappy at these now
3a. bar Dips 3 sets submax-12, 11, 9
3b. DB Row- 88lb kb + 40lb chain 3 sets submax-12, 11, 9
4.90lb Sandbag 200m zercher run - 2:53 and back 200m run w/ sandbag on shoulder - 4:39 total

I'm learning to love to hate sandbags.  That Zercher run was tougher then I thought. I'm still in the process of deciding if this will be the cycle I stick with, but looks good so far. I happy with today. Pushed me to do some things I wouldn't have otherwise done, yet its exactly the kind of work I want to get in. Cut out the sprints due to time constraints. Going to contact Matt about it, and see if I can't pick his brains to be sure the cycle is inline with my goals. I'm also considering his Warrior Cycle which starts at the bottom of this page: Going to examine them closer over the next few days.

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