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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chin, Squat, FP 2-27-10

Chins - 7, 8, 8
Squat - 175/5, 205/5, Max reps -230/18 (PR)
Floor Press - 135/2, 155/2, 175/2, 185/2 (PR) - Butt came off the floor on last rep. Not sure if thats a DQ or just frowned upon?
Windshield Wipers 3 x 20 - 135lb

Felt real strong today. Very pleased with the squats since I did 20 reps with 190lbs 3 weeks ago. I figured I'd end up around 10, but just kept charging. Stopped because my low back was screaming and was starting to lean forward those last 2 reps. I had another 2 reps in my legs, but didn't want to risk the old low back injury. It was still some quality tough work.

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