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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Karen 11-19-08

Karen - A pack/puppy scaling

150 Wall ball - 10 foot target, 10lb medicine ball


Should have used a heavier ball, but this was the heaviest I have.  I was able to hold a pretty fast pace and keep the intensity high.

Had three friends over tonight for the workout.  After Karen, for our cashout, we played a game of horse on the rings.  Some of the things we did were:  L pullups, 3 skin the cats/15 second one legged planche/15 second one legged lever/3 skin the cats, 20 ring pushups with good depth, 20 seated muscleups, and all kinds of other very basic gymnast progressions.  Had to cut the game short because it was taking too long for anyone to loose.  Just a little too evenly matched.  I was maybe the worst one there.  Not fun.  Need to work on my ring skills.  

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