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Friday, November 14, 2008

Power Clean & Grace 11-13-08

Power Clean:
95 x 5
115 x 5
135 x 3
145 x 3
155 x 3 (PR)
175 x 1
185 x 1 (PR)
190 x 1 Failed

Grace with 115lbs (Old School style with power cleans and push jerks)

4:18 (PR),  16 seconds improvement compared to 8-24-08

Had a great day of PR's today.  My plan was to do Grace today so I could compare my time today to my pre Starting Strength time like I did with Fran yesterday.  The idea is to compare my metcon status to see how much if any that I've lost.  So far I've PR'd in Grace and Fran.  I need to do a little longer metcon WOD like fight gone bad and see how I score on that.  

I decided to go with my cousin Jerrod's advice tonight and work into some heavier weight with low reps right before the WOD so it would feel super light when I did Grace.  The 3 rep PR is not too impressive because strangely enough, I really haven't worked with 3 reps much at all with power cleans. Definitely shows that I'm no Olympic lifter, just a guy using O-lifts within the confines of CrossFit, much of which has been self programmed.  I could have hit a higher weight with the triple, but then I got it in my head to try for a single rep max.  I might have pushed that strategy a little too far by attempting a single rep max and sapped some strength that would have come in handy during Grace.  I think I could have shaved a few seconds off my time if I hadn't done the single rep max, but not much.  I kept repeating to myself during the workout that I didn't have to stop and rest just because I was out of breathe.  It seemed to work as I felt like I pushed the pace pretty hard and didn't really take any type of real rest.  I did drop the bar from overhead every single rep which caused me to reset on the bar 29 times, so I guess you could say I took 29 mini rests throughout the workout.  Overall  I'm very happy with my performance and the three PR's I put up today.  

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Dan said...

You should have done 135#. Not so that you're time would be longer... but because I know you can. That said, that's still a killer PR, and good work. And it's my job to tell you to lift heavier :)