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Thursday, December 3, 2009

CSA 12-3-09

AM Session:
Snatch - 55/1 x 7, 60/1 x 3
Clean and Jerk - 50/1, 60/1, 70/1, 80/1, 85/1, 95/1
Back Squat - 100/5, 105/5, 105/5

Should have pushed the back squat a bit heavier. Thought I'd be more worn out from squatting 3 times already this weak. Glad to see I wasn't.

PM Session:
Front Squat - 40/3, 60/3, 80/2, 90/1, 100/1, 110/1, 120/m x 2

Grrrrr I was hoping to hit 120kilos (265lbs) so I'd be on track for a 105 kg Clean on Saturday. Just couldn't grind through it.

Talked with Donnie about some changes to the programming. Set up a schedule and it looks to be some tough work is coming down the pipe.

Mon: FS 5x5 *at home*

Tues: Sn, C&J, FS, and if time Block Jerks *at CSA*

Wed: PP: 5x5 - alternating weekly between Clean grip and Snatch Grip *at home*

Thur AM: Sn, C&J, FS, if time Block Jerks *at CSA*
PM: FS *at home*

Fri: Rest

Sat: Sn, C&J, BS heavy single, if time Block Jerks or other accessory strength work *at CSA*

Sun: FS (moderate) *at home*

The priority in this program is given to the three days at CSA. The other work done at home is as of secondary importance as my job/life will probably fairly regularly get in the way. He wants me doing Block Jerks 2 to 3 times a week if possible. Need to double check with him what he means by a moderate FS day on Sunday. This program also takes into account that I'm attempting to gain weight and move up to the top of the 94 kilo (207 lb) weight class. It also attempts to take into account my nutty work and sleep schedule by being a little flexible.

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