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Saturday, December 5, 2009

CSA 12-5-09

Snatch - 30/2, 40/2, 50/2, 55/1, 60/1, 65/1, 70/got it on 2nd attempt, 75/1, 77.5/M x 3
Clean and Jerk - 50/2, 60/1, 70/1, 80/1, 90/1, 100/got it on 3rd attempt, 105 PR
Snatch + Snatch Balance - 40/1, 50/1, 55/1, 60/2, 60/2
Front Squat - 90/1, 100/1, 110/1, 115/m, 105/1, 110/m

Had an issue diagnosed that I think will be key in fixing my snatch. The culprit is upper body weakness in the bottom of the overhead squat position. The good news is we figured it out and its quite fixable. Get stronger! My pulls at 77.5 were strong enough, I was finishing my pull, was quick enough under the bar (all issues I've been working through), just need to strengthen my receiving position. I did the Snatch Balances in order to strengthen that position. On a good note, I got lower then I think I ever have before when doing those snatch balances because he kept yelling at me to get lower. Just felt like I sunk an extra couple inches that I didn't know I could. Kinda weird to just 'find' that extra depth.

At 100 I made the cleans but missed the jerk twice, before coming back a third time and nailing it. The jerk definitely felt lighter that time because I squared away my form. Funny how that works. Hitting 105kg (231lbs) felt really good. It was just a lot of fun to lock it out and stand up with that puppy. It was some hard work with the 3 attempts at 100 immediately before, but I'm glad I pushed and went for 105. Donnie thinks I'll have 110 in 2 weeks. Snatching 75 (matches my PR), and C&J 105 also gives me a meet total PR of 180. =) Best day at CSA so far.

I was worn out for the front squats, so not surprising they were nothing special.

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