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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

HHPSn, Dead, GHR 7-20-10

Check this out!

High Hang Power Snatch - 95x2, 115x2, 135x2, 140x2, 145x2, 150x2, 155x2, 160 fx2, 1, f
Deadlift - 205x3, 245x3, 275x3, 315x3, 345x3, 365x3, 385x3, 405x5 (+20lb PR compared to 6-18-10)
Eccentric GHR - 2 x 10

Still don't quite trust my knee in the bottom of the receiving position so did the hang power snatches. Was planning on RDL's but knee felt good when warming up for them so switched to deadlifts. Thinking back I could have done power snatches..oh well. Was planning on 405 for 3 but was inspired by Dan last night and figured I should push and shoot for 5. Also I think Lisa wouldn't have laughed at me if I pulled it for 3 when dan hit 420 for 3 and had some left in him too.

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