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Monday, April 5, 2010

Bench, Clean, C&J, SP 4-5-10

PR day ...

Bench - 135/5, 150/3, Max 167.5/10 (+ 5lb PR)
Clean - 195/1, 215/1, 225/1, 235/1, 245/1 (+ 14lb PR) the video ...
Shoulder Press - 140/1, 145/1, 150/1 (+ 12.5lb PR)

Clean and Jerk 235/1 (+ 4lb PR) ... When doing the above cleans, for some reason I decided to try and jerk 235 because my previous C&J PR was 231 and I figured I could hit it. Hadn't done any jerks at lighter weights. Not the smartest approach, but smoked 235 easy. Tried to jerk 245 too, and it didn't feel too heavy, but missed it out front. I'll get it soon.

Happy with the Clean PR, and thrilled with the Shoulder Press. Its finally coming along nicely. This is the 3rd week on my second month long cycle on Wendler's 5-3-1 and I couldn't be happier with my progress.

Thats 43 PR"s in the last 32 days. Something is working.


Dan said...

That clean was massive. I'm uber jealous.

JAK said...

Thanks yo. If only I had half your conditioning do go with it.