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Thursday, April 15, 2010

OHS and Tabata KB Swings 4-15-10

**Rest Week**

OHS - 175/2, 185/1, 200/1, 210/1 (PR +15 lb) 185/4 (+ 15lb and 1 rep PR) Bodyweight OHS Oh Yeah!!! Second time I've gotten BW OHS, but the last time was in October and I weighed 185lbs.

8 rounds of Tabata 20 sec on 10 sec off ... Double 35lb Kettlebell Swings (Russian Style) ... averaged 12 reps until the 6th and 7th rounds of 9/8 and the last round of 11.

First metcon in quite a while and it showed. Youch. That sucked. I think it might just be time to get back into something resembling 'in shape'. Stop the mass gain with the 3/4 gallon of milk a day and excess caloric intake. Trim the extra adipose off and get fit again with an emphasis on continued strength/power development. Weighed 210lb this morning on an empty stomach. I'm thinking I'll level out at around 200lb give or take in a month or two.


Brian said...

Good job on the BW OHS!! That's a goal of mine and actually something I need to test again soon to see where I am. How often do you work them into your workout?

Yeah, I killed the 3/4 gallon of milk intake, also, and went back to straight water and I think I dropped 5-6 pounds just from that over the last 3-4 weeks.

JAK said...

Thanks! I haven't been doing them often at all. Maybe once a month or so. I've been going heavy overhead a lot with jerks, push press, shoulder press with barbells and dumbells and I've been squatting a lot. Combine the two and you have an OHS, so I guess thats why the numbers are moving up without much dedicated work to the lift.

I plan on limiting milk to mainly just post workouts when my body can take the insulin spike. From my understanding this is what xfit foot ball preaches.