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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rest Week

**Rest Week** End of 2nd 5-3-1 Cycle

My right shoulder is feeling a small twinge on the anterior deltoid with certain movements so decided to not do any upper body work. Since its a rest week I figured I would just fart around with some different stuff and take it easy.

Toes 2 bar - 3 x 10

Cossack Squats - 3 x 10, 20lb of chain x 10, 40lb of chain x 10 ... In order to add weight, I'll try these in the future while holding a kettlebell in a goblet style position. They clicked for me today. Couldn't do them at all the first time I tried them they other day. Still need to fine tune it by staying on my heels and work on keeping my torso more erect, but a marked improvement.

Weighted Box Jumps - 40lb of chain: 30" 3 x 5, 33" x 3, 36" x failed ... caught my toes on the lip and bit the dust .. tweaked my left outer hip a little bit in the process.

Called the 'workout' there. So much for doing a much needed metcon that I had planned.

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