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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Squat, Jerk, Dip 4-7-10

Back Squat - 210/5, 240/3, Max 270/9 f on 10th (+ 10lb and 2 rep PR)
Jerk 215/1, 225/1, 240/1, 255/f, 255/1 (+5lb PR)
Weighted Dip - 3 x 5 35lb

I have now officially put more weight over my head then my older, stronger cousin Jerrod. Thats the first lift I have ever beat him on, ever. And such an important one too. Thanks for the motivation of chasing you for all these years J-rod. This is finally the beginning of a little competition for you in the weight room. For those who don't know us, Jerrod is the one who 1st inspired me to ever pick up a weight when I was a junior in high school. I never got serious about it until 2 years ago when I started crossfiting. Funny enough, he is also the one who introduced me to crossfit. Monumental day for this kid to catch up in a small way to my mentor in the game of strength and fitness.