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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Snatch, C&J, BS 8-17-10

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'A Fighting Chance' ...

Snatch - 135, 135, 145, 155, 165f, 165, 175f, 175f, 175f, 155, 165, 175f
Clean Jerk - 155+1 Jerk, 155+1 Jerk, 175+1 Jerk, 195, 215, 230, 240f on clean, 240
Back Squat - 135x4, 185x3, 225x2, 245x2, 265x1, 285x1, 300x1


Snatch - Was feeling good today. But 175 just didn't want to go. Between loosing it forward and just not sticking it, letting the momentum of the bar on its way down get the best of me when receiving it, it was a no go.

C&J - 240 was ugly. Came on my toes and let my back round in the hole. On Jerk, I didn't get my head through and had some pressout with my right arm. But at least I got it up.

Squat - 300 was sloooow and HEAVY!

First day of a new training venture. Donny Shankle will be coaching me via reviewing my recorded my lifts, email, and skype discussions. Its the next best thing from being in the gym with him. Its a new coaching approach for Donny as well. I'm hoping it will be a prosperous endeavor for us both.

So I'll be recording my lifts on a regular basis and throwing them up here for Donny to examine.

We've agreed that my number one short term goal is to hit a 300lb Clean & Jerk. Bodyweight, composition, a bodyweight Snatch, flexibility, Squat #'s, cardio, etc etc will all be addressed, but the priority is a 300lb C&J. First things first. 300lbs from ground to overhead! It will be mine, and soon!!

Questions ...


I'm jumping forward. Whats causing this and how do I fix it?

I feel as though I need to be able to receive the snatch at a lower position then what I am currently able to do. Is this a flexibility issue? And/or a positional strength issue (am I too weak in a low receiving position to handle a heavy snatch?)

When receiving the weight it doesn't feel heavy. But the momentum of the bar just makes me collapse under it for some reason. How do I overcome this? Stay tighter. Spread the bar apart. Those things aren't working as well as it should. I think I'm missing something here and it seems like a key component that will lead to much greater success with the lift once I figure it out and dial it in.

One thought in regards to this is that when snatching relatively light 70-85%, I notice I ride the weight down even though I receive it high. Should I not do that? Will that help me stay tight and resist the bar's downward travel when the weight gets heavier?

Clean & Jerk:

I think I know what I need to do, just a matter of doing it. Stay back on my heels for pull, receive the bar tight. Head through!!


In my squat should my torso be more vertical? If so is this a flexibility issue and how should I address it? Should I be dropping my hips more straight down at the start of the squat rather then sending my hips back as much as I do at the start? How is the width of my feet? Are they wide enough? This is a question I have for Front Squat, Snatch and C&J as well.

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