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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Snatching at Catalyst Athletics 8-31-10

This video makes me hungry ...

'What happens when you don't eat and sleep enough'

Went to Catalyst Athletics today with a group of buddies from work. Greg Everett worked us through a training session with the Snatch. We went through an entire snatch learning progression. Did lots of work with just the bar including Heaving Snatch Balance, Press Snatch Balance, Snatch balances, and lots of 3 Position Snatches with 30k.

Snatch - 40 2x2, 50x2, 60, 70, 75m, 75, 80, 84 mx2, 84 (2k PR!!)

Then at home ...

Back Squat - 225lb 5x5

75k Miss


84k Miss #1

84k Miss #2

84k PR

About a week ago I watched Glenn Pendlay's Snatch progression videos which were excellent. They along with a bunch of other great videos can be found here: If you haven't watched them, do yourself a favor and take the time to watch them and then practice what you learn there. So after just watching those videos and using those progressions in my warmups which I learned at Cal Strength at the beginning of this year, it was interesting to run through a different approach with Greg.

Greg's major cue for me was to get more leg drive. He said that I'm getting good hip drive but muting my leg drive which diminishes the upward momentum on the bar and can tend to bounce the bar away from me. He said it takes an equal amount of hip drive and leg drive for an optimal lift. He also cued high elbows to help the bar stay close as I pull under.

One cue that made a lot of sense to me was when coming out of the hole is to 'lead with the bar' instead of just thinking of standing up. Seemed to keep my shoulder girdle and elbows tighter when I did that.

It was a good day today. I believe everyone PR'd! I was glad that these guys got some more exposure to the sport. I think a few of them may be interested in one day competing. How cool is that?

This group of guys will be headed to California Strength on the 14th. Looking forward to it.

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JTM said...

jealous bro.

a day at CA? FREAKIN' awesome! enjoying your journey.