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Sunday, June 22, 2008

50 Boagrius Burpees 6-22-08

I did 50 Boagrius Burpees for time....thats right... not just any burpees.... box jump 25lb dumbells hang power clean and press "Boagrius" burpees:
in 14:29

I'm calling them Boagrius Burpees because these are burpees that Boagrius himself would be proud of and probably did a few hundred every morning as a warmup.  I know, I know, Achilles easily took him out with one blow, so name your own workout after Achilles if you want... but you know Boagrius is a badass and sent many a man to meet his maker before he faced Achilles on the battlefield of Thessaly in Greece.  
If you have no clue what I'm talking about, go watch the movie Troy, its a great flick.  If you've already seen it and still don't know who Boagrius is, then watch it again, he's in the second scene of the movie.

These were tough!  Definitely worthy of Boagrius' namesake.  Compare to when I did 50 Burpees for time on 5-5-08 in 4:37 and it looks like these are about 3 times harder then regular burpees.  

I thought I'd name these because I didn't see this type of burpee listed in the most complete burpee list I've ever encountered which was compiled by BrandX's Jeff Martin aka Guarddawg in post #15 here (please correct me if I'm wrong and these have a name):


JR said...

How exactly did you do these?

JAK said...

Lets see if this helps or just confuses things further:

Hold a 25lb dumbell in each hand at your waist (same positioning as the start of a curl). Do the pushup portion of a burpee by putting the dumbell on the ground and while still holding on to them do a regular pushup. Finish like a regular burpee by hopping into the bottom of a squat and stand up. After standing, instead of jumping straight up, jump onto the plyo box that is directly in front of you (about 12 inches away) while holding the dumbells at your waist. Then clean the dumbells. Now you are in the start of a press position. So press (or pushpress if needed) the dumbells. Lower them and hop backwards off the plyo box.

Did that help or hurt your understanding of them?

PaulWill said...

Sounds like a world of pain. I like it.