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Monday, June 23, 2008

OHS 6-23-08

Overhead Squat 

100lbs x 15 

100lbs is 58.823529% of my bodyweight.  I'm on the long slow road towards my eventual goal of 15 bodyweight OHS.  First though I've gotta get one rep at my bodyweight, which is plenty challenge in and of itself. 

Then I did OHS:

115lbs 5 sets of 3

I wanted to do some deadlifts also but I ran out of time.

On rep 12 of the 100lbs OHS I dropped the bar on the top of my head when I hit the bottom of the squat.  I then cleaned it and finished off the last 4 reps.  My head doesn't hurt, so that's good.  Just a moment of not concentrating hard enough.  Hopefully I didn't look too much like any of these guys:

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