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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One World Personal Training 6-8-09

Went to One World and got my second of 3 personal training classes from Chong.  

On Double Unders, I need to decrease the speed that I turn the rope, and get lots more practice!  I couldn't string any together yesterday.  Doh!

Worked on shoulder press to start out with and with a few tweaks he attempted to get me a PR:  

75 x 5
95 x 5
105 x 3
115 x 1
130 (f)

Oh well.  Got some good pointers.  First off when I took a big breath before the lift my shoulders were rising.  I kept them up and then started the lift.  Not only was I using that as a bit of momentum (not ok for a strict shoulder press), but its not as strong of a foundation to lift off of.  So I need to take a breath and have a full chest, and suck the lats down, but keep my shoulders down.  Then start the press.  Seems kinda obvious to me now, but hey thats why you get coaching.  He also taught me a little trick with opening and closing my hips ever so slightly just before the lift (which apparently is a legal way to develop the slightest bit of momentum).  

Worked on split jerks next.  I need to move quicker on the first dip part of the movement as that will lead to a more explosive drive upwards.  I need to drop lower when receiving the bar, so I don't have to drive it up as high (which will obviously lead me to be able to handle heavier weight).  My feet need to land a few inches wider too when receiving the bar in the split as this will be a more stable position rather then being so linear in one plane. 

Got a good fix on GHD situps which I wasn't aware of.  Keeping the knees slightly bent on the way down and then violently straightening them or popping them straight.  So I'll be firing my quads to initiate the upwards movement.  I was using all abs, which is a slower and weaker way to do the movement.  

I even got him to look at my deadlifts briefly.  My start position needs work.  I need to keep my shoulders from being too low/rolled forward at the set position.  Need to keep a big chest, suck the lats in, but keep my shoulders from lowering or rolling forward.  Makes sense that this is not only a stronger position to pull from, but it will keep my upper back tight which might be part of the problem of why I loose my lumbar curve.  He said he saw some softness in my upper back.  Funny that Adrian Bozman saw the same thing.... Hmmmm

Not bad for an hour long class.  Good instruction and now I have some homework to do to improve.  Thanks Chong!

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