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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rest Week

This will be a rest week for me.  Nothing like a little recovery to keep you fresh and lifting strong.  I'll also then go into this weekend fresh.  

This weekend I am attending the Catalyst Athletics Olympic Lifting Seminar put on by Gregg Everett and Amiee Anaya (national OL champion).  I'm stoked!

There is no substitute for good coaching.  What are you doing to improve your Olympic Lifts!??


Joel said...

I'm looking forward to a half volume week soon too. A week and a half of pain left before that though.

An Oly Seminar would be awesome! Especially from Greg Everett and Aimee Anaya. I'm trying to decide between going to a Burgener cert or a Rip next. My Cleans need work and my Snatch is just terrible.

Go ahead and add a link and I'll add one too.

JAK said...

Ohhhhh Tough Call! Rip or Burg ... Those are the top two certs I want to make it to as well. Then a gymnastic and KB cert come in after that. I'd go with the cert that will benefit you the most which sounds like the OL cert. Those lifts are simply the hardest lifts there are to learn and good coaching is essential. On a side note, keep up the video of your lifting, that is certainly helping you. I've gotta start videoing my stuff more regularly as well.

I wasn't able to make it to any CF OL certs this year, so I'm going to this one. Should be right on par with Burg's cert, I just won't get the actual CF Certification, which would be nice to have. But I'm stoked to learn from Greg Everett as I totally respect him as an author. Amiee is just amazing so that should be cool too.

Cool, I'll add ya.