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Friday, June 12, 2009

Split Jerk and Grace 6-12-09

Split Jerk

135 x 3
155 x 2
175 x 1
195 x 1 (PR)
205 f, f, f

Very close to hitting 205 on my second and third try.  It'll happen next time.

Power Clean

185 x 2
205 x 1
230 f, f


30 Power Clean and Push Jerk


34 seconds off my PR

I wasn't supposed to workout this morning.  This is the second workout of the day.  And its a rest week, right?  Well after months of conversation and failed attempts due to schedule conflicts, I finally talked Dave, my buddy from work into trying crossfit.  He is strong like ox.  Former full scholarship to SDSU playing football.  Today he squatted (slightly above parallel as he couldn't get full depth) 315 for 3 sets of 10.  He shoulder pressed 225 for a single rep PR.  He power cleaned 265.  And did Grace in 2:36!!  He hasn't done any cardio in 3 years or cleaned in the past 8 years.  He normally does the usual 3/4 back squat, bench, bi's and tri'sfor his workouts.  All with horrendous form.  He started out doing a set of 10 push presses that he thought were shoulder presses.  I then taught him what a shoulder press was.  While doing the first strict shoulder presses he's ever done, he said, 'You've gotta leave your ego at the door when you come into THIS gym'.  I got a good laugh out of that as I explained that was one of the tenants of crossfit, to find your weaknesses and work on them.  I chose Grace as his first wod because I knew he would excel and want to come back for more.  Afterwards he said he felt the same as he did after his first foot pursuit at work.  That did the trick.  He walked away from the gym wanting to continue doing crossfit at least once a week.  Success!


TexasPatrick said...

Now he needs to do squat Grace . . . muahahahahaha!!

Joel said...

That's one hell of a performance for a rest week.

Where's your police precint located?

Joel said...


JAK said...

TP - ha! That WOULD be interesting!

Thanks Joel. Unfortunately I think I blew my rest week. I'm feeling a little worn down right now. Its partially a cold, but I didn't get the easy week that my body needed. Not good.

JAK said...

Though I have to say if the price of being worn down was the cost to get Dave into crossfit ... it was WELL worth it!