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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Academy Run 8-28-09

I'll make up for my lack of good workouts with an awesome K9 video.  Not many German Shepherds, but man are those Malinois fast and athletic.  My favorite part is at 4:19 .. Land shark action at its finest!

Run with the Academy ~2.7 miles  in ~20 min

It was 103 degrees and for this pantywaist that is hot!  The run sucked.  More then usual.  A slight tweak in my hamstring from those beach sprints and my wrist from who knows what and thats all it took for me to not lift. 

Luckily this week was a rest week for this Catalyst Athletics program.  However it was just lower intensity weightlifting, and NOT no weightlifting.  Oh well, it'll be good to lift again this week.  And despite my newfound sea kayaking endeavors, and contrary to popular belief, I'm not giving up crossfit or lifting.  I am however going kayaking again tomorrow.  Woot!

**Update**  As of today (8-30-09) the wrist and hamstring are feeling better.

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