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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

CA WOD # 16 8-19-09

Catalyst Athletics Week 5, Day 3
  • Snatch 70% 1 x 3 - 110lbs
  • Snatch balance - heavy single - 115, 125, 135, 145, 155f, 160 (PR), 165 f x 3, 165lb (PR +10lb), 170 f x 2
  • Jumping squat from rack pins - 90% (of back squat) - 210lbs x 3; 95% 220lbs x 3; 100% x 3 230lbs
  • Jerk Rack Support 100% 230lb, 125% 275lbs, 150% 330lbs
3 rounds for time of:
300 m row
10 Turkish get-ups (5/side) - 30% BW - 1.5 pood


First time ever doing TGU's in a metcon.  Interesting.  I think I liked it.  You aren't moving the load quickly, but there is a heck of a long ways that you move the load so that may make up for it slightly as a functional movement.  Its certainly a total body movement.


Joel said...

Great Video!

We did a 'Turkish Helen' one time. Instead of Pullups we did TGU. Personally, I thought it slowed the wod down too much and provided too much rest, but I am not very coordinated so each TGU rep takes me a while.

TP said that he like them for skill work or as a cash out...

BTW, I think I'll be headed your way soon for TDY

JAK said...

Very cool. Where exactly are you going?

You know that if you make it anywhere even remotely close, you are absolutely more then welcome at my place for a workout or 5. That'd be awesome!