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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ocean Kayak 8-26-09

4 Hours AMRAP of paddling:

9+ miles of epic water

It was my first time ever in a Kayak.  What a complete blast.  We paddled out of Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay.   Setting out for open ocean and Sail Rock the most notable ocean feature in the area.  Within 20 minutes of getting in the kayak we surfed our first wave off of Sail Rock, a 6 footer!  What a rush.  I'll admit I was in a little over my head but my top notch guide was absolute money.  With massive experience that comes with thousands of miles paddled including expeditions such as a 3 months straight into the heart of Honduras, and expert knowledge of the local waters, he was the ideal teacher and guide for our adventure.  And I was game to be pushed and have a steep learning curve shoved in front of me.  Sink or swim time and it worked out great.  

We headed on to the world famous Mavericks where some of the largest waves on the globe are found during the winter.  We paddled through the exact spot where those crazy surfers drop in on 30-60ft foot waves.  Luckily for me the waves were nothing remotely like that at this time.  Next we cruised over to the James V. Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and shot through a trough made of two lines of sizable swells breaking over a line of parallel reefs.  The risk was getting capsized and pushed by the big swells pounding you into the reef.  It got a little sketchy but we pulled hard and made it through unscathed.  Circling around we headed back for Sail Rock and surfed a few more 6-8 ft waves.  We got dumped twice in the process and went for a swim in the drink.  One of them hammered us pretty good and even blew off the rear ballast neoprene as well as the plastic cover causing the kayak to start to sink.  Quick work was in order to pump out the water to rescue our boat.  All in all it was a great time and I couldn't be more pleased with it.  

Who knew some of the most dynamic ocean water in North America is only 45 minutes from my house??  Combine that with the beautifully rugged Northern California coastline and we've got a winner.  I've always been partial to the mountains and have never gotten into a hobby involving the ocean . . . until now.

I think I may have the kayak bug.

Post Script:  If you ever find yourself in the area of Half Moon bay, make it a priority to treat yourself to a few hours on the water with Half Moon Bay Kayak Co.  


metric said...

Good by O. Lifting training, hello kayak training?

Homitis strikes again. :-)

JAK said...

haha See that is the beauty of crossfit. It prepared me well for kayaking without having to train for it. Specifically the rowing machine and pullups.

You can bet ur sourthern hemispheric self that crossfit is here to stay for me. =)