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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

CA WOD #10 8-5-09

Casey Burngner llifting some man weight!

Catalyst Athletics Week 3, Day 3

  • Jerk - 80% x 2 x 2 - 160lbs; 85% x 2 x 2 - 170lbs
  • Jerk dip squat - 90% (of jerk) x 3 - 177.5lbs; 95% x 3 - 187.5lbs; 100% x 3 - 197.5lbs
  • Snatch push press - 70% (of snatch) x 5 - 107.5lbs; 75% x 5 - 115lbs; 80% x 5 x 2 - 125lbs

7 rounds for time:
5 kipping pull-ups
5 box jumps - 20" feet were 100% on box, no heels etc hanging over the edge


Very very quick little burner.  I almost rested for 3 minutes, and then did it again.  But I decided to trust the programming and follow it verbatim.  All unbroken, no rests in between, quick transitions as the box was underneath the pullup bar.  It'd be tough to take much time off this for me.  The biggest time saver would be a faster cycle rate, especially if I were able to do this with butterfly kips.  

Relatively happy with my form on the Jerks today because I'm noticing some slight improvement in the consistency department.  The Jerk Dip Squats were ridiculously easy, the percentages used did not make them very tough.  Oh well.  Could definitely feel the difference when I didn't get a good explosive drive at 125lbs on the Snatch grip Push Press.  The weight just floats up when I'm more aggressive with it.  

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