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Saturday, January 17, 2009

California Strength Academy and Tire flips/Pushups 1-17-09

Spent an hour and a half in a private lesson working on power clean technique at the California Strength Academy located in San Ramon where San Ramon Crossfit shares the gym space.  The trainer/lifter who I was privileged to learn from was Martin Pashov "Squat Specialist".  He is Bulgarian and has a 660lb Olympic style back squat.  His father was the bronze winner in Olympic Lifting in the 1980 Olympics.  Enough said!  Learned a couple of good things to start implementing into my clean.  Unfortunately its a bit too expensive for me right now to get private training, otherwise I'd be all over it.  Its definitely a high caliber gym.  6 or so lifting platforms with Pendlay Elite bars, werksan and eleiko bumpers.  Very nice setup with some top notch lifters training there including Donny Shankle "The Giant Killer" who is one of the best 105kilo lifters in the US.  He was built like a nasty cross between a mack truck and king kong.  What a beast!  And a nice guy to boot.  When I met him he said "You've come to train with the best!"  There was also a high school kid who was back squatting 445 with a belt.  Some serious muscle walking around that place.

HERE is their website.

I ended up working on my form half the time with 55lbs and half the time with 115lbs.  Did somewhere around 50-70 power cleans.  Uggh.

Then went to a local park and did a fun metcon.

With a partner did:

5 Min AMRAP:
1 300lb tire flip
2 pushups

28 rounds

5 min rest while Josh and Alex did their tire flips

5 min AMRAP
1 300lb tire flip, 2 pushups

1 Pushup shy of 31 rounds

While I flipped the tire my partner was doing 2 pushups and while he flipped the tire I did my 2 pushups.  The timing of that rep scheme worked out well.


California Strength said...

I'm glad you like the Gym and the work out, but you have mistake. (The price is not $150 a week, its $150 a month and has been made only for you.) That is less than $40 per week for 1 specialized olympic weightlifting program. Thank you

JAK said...

Ooops. My bad! I must have been typing too fast. Sorry about any confusion that might have caused someone else. Correction has been made. Hope it didn't come off sounding like I was complaining about the rate, because for a world class gym with high level instruction in Olympic lifting I think it is a good price. My personal budget is a little tight right now though. I hope to be able to get some training there in the future though. Thanks for letting me know about my mistake.

How did you find my website?

Dan said...

I wanna go...

(stupid shoulder)