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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tabata Squats/Muscle Ups 1-7-08

Taking it easy this week before the start of 2nd Cycle of CFSB

Chose to do a workout from the CrossFit Journal Issue #08 - April 2003 article [i]How Fit Are You[/i]?:  

4:00 min Tabata Air Squats - 23 - 22 - 21 - 20 - 19 - 19 - 18- 16 
10 Sec rest 
4:00 min max Muscle-Ups* - 10  
*Muscle-Ups were done with bent arms, not completed with arms locked and hands turned out  

Score is found by multiplying lowest number of air squats by muscle-ups  

16 x 10 = 160  

This didn't even rank on the Journal article's ranking system. The lowest score recognized was 180. Had I gamed the squats and paced myself at 18 or 19 throughout, I would have fared better according to this scoring system and I'd have made it on the board with a score of 18 or 190. But I ended up with a greater overall number of squats and I was pleased with my effort at going for broke from the gates and not looking back. Nearly there. On the last set of squats I started letting my upper body lower at the bottom of some of the squats far too much due to what I believe was midline fatigue. Anyone else noticed this as a common issue? 

What a brute!

Check out the article for 4 other killer workouts that when combined are as good a test as any in determining one's fitness level. Pretty brutal to even get to the point where you make it onto the ranking system.  

Cash Out - Max Toes to Bar - 22 .... Weak sauce. Break in character caused me to stop there.

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