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Sunday, February 1, 2009

30 Muscleups 1-31-09

Started off doing some snatch drills I found in the Xfit Journal:

with 45#, 65#, then 95# - 3 Shrugs, 3 High Pulls, 3 Muscle Snatch, 3 OHS, 3 BTN Snatch grip Push Press, 3 Snatch Balances, 3 Snatch.  On the 95# Snatch Balance I felt a tweak in my left wrist.  I backed off to a few 45# snatches and snatch balances, didn't feel it with that weight, stepped back up to 95# and felt it again so I decided to stop there.  I had planned on stepping up to 115 after that and then going for a 3 rep max in the snatch, but oh well.  Trying to work on my confidence and comfort in the full squat snatch.  Gotta practice that puppy some more. 

30 Muscleups for time:


Not turned and locked out.  Tried to do 3 every minute, hoping I'd come in at just over 10 minutes, but that just wasn't happening.  Oh well.  I'm relatively pleased with my time.  1st time I've ever tore my wrists doing muscleups.  Tore them just below the palm of my hand due to the false grip.  I think I now have the false grip down and will tape my wrists from the start (instead of half way through after the tears) to try and prevent this.  Missed about 5 attempts...doh!

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