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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Academy Run 2-6-09

My 1st workout with the newest Academy.

2.5 mile run with the recruits in 17 min.  

Crossfit prepared me reasonably well for the run.  But really if you wanna run long distances well you simply have to train for them by well, running.  Thats ok, I hate running and I don't want to spend too much time doing slow long distance (relatively) runs.  Its good for me to go there once and a while and spend time doing something I don't enjoy and that I'm not great at.  But I feel as though strength/power work, metcons (especially heavy metcons in the 5-10 min range) and some sprints mixed in does a much better job conditioning me for my job (the classic foot pursuit and fight scenario).

Then we did a number of sets of pushups and situps.

Max Pullups -  34 (PR +4)

Grip failed more the anything else.  Didn't help my grip that I did the heavy KB and heavy sandbag workout yesterday.  I think I might have had one or two left in me.

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