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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dips and Hill Sprints 2-4-09

My left wrist is still hurting.  Anything where I am holding weight at the rack position and/or putting it over head.  So any pressing movement, Snatch/Cleans and their variations, pushups, handstands, hspu and KB variations of the above.  A bit frustrating, but I'm confident it's not going to last for too long.  In the mean time I'm going to switch weighted bar dips to take the place of shoulder press in my CrossFit Strength Biased program.  Dips are the only upper body pushing movement I've found that I can do right now.  It'll be good to work on a weakness right now anyways.  Hoping to make some good progress on them and that this will take me to the first step of doing WOD's with ring dips as RX'd.  Once I get some more strength I'll switch over to ring dips as the second/final step.  

Weighted Bar Dips

10 lbs x 5
20 lbs x 5
35 lbs x 5 (PR)

Hill Sprints

5 - 65 meter Hill Sprints with 2 min rest in between.  All sprints were run in 12-14 seconds.

That hill was good and steep!  As in widely known as one of the steepest streets in town (a town full of hills).  Uggh.  Running.  Not just running, but hill sprints.  Whose idea was that!??  Actually I have to give the credit to Dan John.  I've been reading a lot of his stuff and he's got some great articles.  He is a big fan of hill sprints so I thought I'd give them a try.  The suckage was high but not as high as it should have been.  Should have done more like 10 of them but we ran out of time.  My runner buddy said 2 min was far too much rest.  Oh well, it was a good first of many dates with the local hill.  

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