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Friday, July 3, 2009

Box Jump/Sprawl/Heavy Bag 7-3-09

3 Rounds

15 Box Jump 33"
15 Sprawl
100 Punches on Heavy Bag


A little different workout today.  I should probably work in more wod's like this.  The only part I don't like is the punches are a bit subjective.  Awful easy to not give it 100% effort for every single punch.  I did a combo of:  1-2-3 straight, hook, 1-2 straight, hook  I also found it is hard to count 100 punches when you are gassed.  Forgot to mention that on Tuesday my left elbow flared up with what I believe to be tendonitis aka tennis elbow.  I believe its from doing pullups.  It hurt to pick up my glass of water on tuesday and take a drink after the workout.  So I've laid off pullups for a couple days.  It is feeling better.  Hopefully its not a reoccurring thing.  

Had a monumentous day today in the gym.  It was my wife's first ever crossfit workout.  Taught her how to squat.  Then she did:

3 Rounds

7 Squat
400m Walk Blitz the German Shepherd 

Not for time.  I sneakily timed it anyways and didn't tell her.  19:26 

Afterwards I asked her what she thought.  Her feedback was that it was better then her workouts at 'Ladies of America' a few years back.  She enjoyed the one on one personal training.  She thought the squats were similar to learning a new dance step progression or doing gymnastics as a kid due to the body control and awareness it took.  She liked that we didn't use any machines like they do at 'Ladies of America' and liked getting outside.  I think we'll stick with mostly gymnastics for a while and hold off on weight lifting other then drills with PVC.  Success!  Very cool. 


Joel said...

That one sounds like a fun wod. I think LauraR used to post what they did in the CrossPit class and it always sounded like fun.

My wife really wants a heavy bag. I guess they had one in their garage while she was in college and she loved it.

Joel said...


JAK said...

Thats awesome that your wife likes to work a heavy bag. Keep your eye open on craigslist.

Happy 4th to you too. Hope you get some time to relax and celebrate our independence and freedoms.