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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thruster/Pullup/KB Swing 7-5-09

Day One of a 3 day Crossfit Challenge

The competitors are:  My twin Josh, older brother Jake, Jake's wife Lisa and my cousin Jerrod

3 Rounds

5 Thruster - 115lbs  (90% of 1 Rep Max Shoulder Press)
10 Pullups
15 Kettlebell Swings 53lbs


Here is the VIDEO of Josh and I doing the workout.

1st round unbroken.  2nd round unbroken except pullups 6/4   3rd round broken thrusters 2/3 pullups     swings unbroken

Not super pleased with my performance.  Shouldn't have rested so much in between sets, but at the time it sure felt like the right thing to do.  We did a live webcast from California of the competition on Skype with Jerrod, Jake and Lisa who are in Virginia.  After video review we realized Josh only did 14 KB swings in the first round.  That is technically a DNQ, but oh well its just for fun.  In choosing the wods for the competition I we each submitted 3 wods and sent them to Metric and TexasPatrick (from Brand X's forum) who were kind enough to provide excellent guidance.  

The weight on the thrusters were:  Josh 102.5lbs   Jake 102.5lbs  Lisa 75lbs   Jerrod  155lbs

Rankings after Day 1
1 - Lisa  3:53
2 - Josh  4:04
3 - Jerrod  4:14
4 - Joe  4:45
5 - Jake  8:46

Stay tuned for WOD # 2 next week.


TexasPatrick said...

nice. How was it?

JAK said...

It was fun, and tough. I added a bit more of a description and a video. Enjoy.

JAK said...

And a big thanks to you and Metric for your help!

JR said...

a couple of things...

1. your KB swing form isn't bad like jake said it was.
2. you need to learn how to jump up to your pull up bar.
3. why is your gym so messy? you should fix that immediately if not sooner.

good music...and your mouth sure looks perty!!!