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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CA WOD #7 7-29-09

I'm going to start try to start including a video per post.  Should be fun.  Here's one on Iron Mike Tyson.  Such incredible speed, power, and explosiveness!

CA WOD Week  2, Day 3

  • Clean & jerk - 75% x 1 x 4 - 150lb
  • Clean pull - 95% (of clean) x 3 x 3 - 190lb
  • Clean deadlift - 103% (of clean) x 3 x 3 - 210lb
  • Back squat - 78% x 3 x 5 - 180lbs
  • Toes to Bar - 3 x 15

  • 21 - 15 - 9

    Wall Ball 20lb 10'
    Box Jump 24"


    Slow grind.

    Max Ring Pushups - 23 PR


    Joel said...

    Hell yea. Mike Tyson was phenomenal. Nice find. I had forgotten how quick he was.

    JR said...

    that guy was an animal.... totally explosive, oozing with fast twitch muscles. too bad he got around the wrong folks and screwed up his life.

    Joel said...

    Watching a video of Tyson takes me back to my youth.

    His demise: (The wrong) woman. It's a story that is all to recurrant in modern America. Women burned thier bras and men somehow lost their balls.

    I don't want to get off on a tangent here, but I believe that the demise of America can directly be tied to the devaluation of the family. In my opinion, one correlation is the women's rights movement. It allowed men to walk away from their responsibility to thier families.

    It's probably not a popular opinion, but it's got merit. And don't get me wrong, I believe that women have rights too, I just think that the family unit it more important than the rights of an individual man or an individual woman.


    Joel said...

    sorry for typos in last post.