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Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Mountain Molly" 7-23-08

I went 4wheeling through the Rubicon and Fordyce Creek Trails over the past 3 days.  Before we get to the workout a little photo interlude of the trip for your viewing pleasure:

On Wednesday night I came up with this little concoction I called "Mountain Molly"...

3 rounds for time of:

Squat Clean Jerk and Throw 60-70 lb rock 50 ft
60 Meter hill run
10 Pullups
12 Squat Jumps


And a picture that actually has something to do with CrossFit.  Here I am doing my pullups.

The Squat Clean Jerk and Throws were the hardest part.  Tough to keep good form while huffin and puffin at about 6500 feet elevation.  I really enjoyed creating an austere workout while camping.  Good fun.  There should be no excuse for why you don't workout.  Having "no equipment" certainly isn't one of them.  Go get some!

1 comment:

JR said...

that looks like a ton of fun...4 wheeling, shooting guns, a CF workout mixed in...i'm jealous!