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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Weighted Pull Ups 7-30-08

Weighted Pullups 7-30-08

45lb - 45lb - 50lb - 55lb - 60lb - 65lb - 70lb - 75lb (failed)

Then worked on Pistols.  First time I've ever tried them.  Watched the Pistol video by Adrian Bozman from the April 2008 Crossfit Journal.  I almost got a pistol with each leg with my bodyweight only but wasn't quite able to pull it off.  I did my first pistol with each leg while holding a 10lb plate out in front of me.  Cool!  Holding the weight in front of me helped to counterbalance myself in the squat which made things a little easier. 

Then did some vertical leap practice to determine what my vertical leap is.  Maxed out at 19.5 inches.

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Dan said...

I found something for you, since we were talking about the absence of parallettes.

And, we need to go play Hoover Ball.