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Thursday, July 3, 2008


5 Rounds for time of:

95 lbx Deadlift, 15 Reps
95 lbx Hang Power Clean, 12 Reps
95 lbs Front Squat, 9 Reps
95 lbs Push Jerk, 6 Reps


The Pack version on this is with 65lbs, but that seemed too easy.  The porch version was 135lbs for 3 rounds, that seemed too hard.  So I chose 95lbs for 5 rounds.  It was definitely tough at this weight.  The Hang Power Cleans were the hardest for me and my form was a bit on the ugly side.

Most importantly though is that tonight's workout was a monumental occasion.  My work now has its very own Crossfit only Gym.  It was the first time I worked out at the brand spanking new SJPD Crossfit gym.  Woohoo!  See the photo from the Certification seminar held at the SJPD gym on 6-26-08 on  Now I'm wishing I lived closer to work instead of 40 min away.  Now under my critical eye the gym could have a few more things to complete it such as a rope climb, 2 1/2lb plates and more plates in general, a tire or 3, etc, but its far from half bad and I sure can't complain one bit!  2 buddies and I carpooled to the gym and 4 other guys met us there.  It was a fun environment to work out in.  After the workout we played around with a few gymnastic things and I did 4 ring muscle ups (spread apart) and later busted out 4 total of my first ever muscle ups on a bar.  Something just clicked with my form making them more doable.  Very cool.  Its definitely a big motivator to have your buddies yelling encouragement (or insults), with their times on the board for you to try and chase down.  Much better then working out alone which I have been doing a little more then half of the time.  I know now that those mats will be soaking up plenty of my sweat over the years!  

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Dan said...

Yeah buddy... I'm going to be hurting tomorrow.

(...and not just from falling on the bars)