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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Brand X WORKOUT # 2!! 7-19-08

I was lucky enough to sneak back to Brand X this morning while my wife slept in.  Had the opportunity to workout with Coaches Jeff Martin, Dan Strametz, and Large Lefty.  Started out with Push Press...

1st set 115# of 5

2nd set 115# of 5

3rd set 135# of 5

4th set 135# of 3

5th set 135# of 3

When working out with coaches like this your form better be perfect, and mine is far from it.  But thats exactly one of the many reasons why I love working out there so much.  It pushes you that much closer towards excellence.  I was leaning back during the press, wasn't taking a good deep breath to fill my diaphragm, was holding the bar off my shoulders a bit when I was coming out of the bottom of the dip which meant I wasn't able to properly transfer the power from my legs/hips into the press, wasn't exploding enough, and wasn't under the bar well when my arms were at full extension.  In short, my push press was ugly, and they cleaned it up for me. Still not pretty, but better.  

After that we did a metcon workout.

3 rounds of:

3 Rope climbs
15 Hang Power Snatch 75# (they used 95#)
10 40" tire jumps

Finished in 10:21

This was my first time doing any rope climb and my form was horrendous.  This is definitely one where if you don't have the mechanics down it makes it much, much harder then it should be.  My forearms got a wonderful burn to them and I got a sexy little rope burn on my leg.  But it was still fun.  Even with scaling it down I came in last.  Oh well, I was just glad to be joining these firebreathers in a workout. After the workout I got to pick Jeff's brain a little bit more and that concluded my Brand X experience.  Very good times.  

If you ever have the opportunity to go to Brand X (or any quality affiliate for that matter) or even if you don't have an opportunity you really should create one, and keep stopping by in a consistent manner.  I can see there will be a huge benefit to me supplementing my garage gym workouts with a trip to a local affiliate every now and then to touch up my form.  Thanks Coaches Jeff and Dan especially for welcoming me to Brand X and making my few workouts there so very enjoyable.  

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TexasPatrick said...


Excellent summary of why an affiliate will help your progress.

One day I was rolling through some wall-ball workout when the trainer noticed I wasn't getting my depth. Then he looks at my feet and pointed out that I wasn't square with the wall, one foot further back than the other. In the midst of a "Filthy Fifty" you just won't notice that sort of thing yourself. Good work and glad you had fun!