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Monday, July 21, 2008

200 Air Squats 7-20-08

I'm still on vacation, without equipment at a friend's house in Long Beach.  So I stole a workout from Eva T's blog.

200 Air Squats for time...


This was not easy.  I did the first 50 unbroken.  Then pounded them out roughly 15 at a time.  Took a short break at 100.  Then roughly 15 at a time again.  When I hit 170 I decided to try and do the last 30 unbroken.  Thats where it got real interesting.  I was able to make it to 200 without breaking that last set but my legs were screaming.  Afterwards my legs felt like bowls of wiggly jell-o.  A major lactic acid dump.  Yaowza!  So I tried doing a little cool down and some stretching.  Hopefully that will help.  

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